We increase the value of your product in the easiest way.

We are a Hot stamping machine manufacturer located in Korea.
Manufactures a high-performance hot stamping machine that can be debossed on all materials that can be debossed with heat, such as leather, plastic, paper, wood, PVC, etc..
Hot stamping is the easiest way to give your product a better value.
We run our atelier and use our products everyday.
That`s why the products we make are always user-friendly and are evolving everyday.
We intend to provide information about the products we make through this blog.
We would like to share information with you by uploading video/photos of actual use of our product.
 Homepage : www.hotstampingmachine.com
 E-mail : covacoba@gmail.com
 Tel : +82-10-2818-7903

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